List Making as Life

By Elizabeth Stuelke I’ve started making lists as I’ve left my job of three years, now that my husband is in his last year of training, and I am thinking of where to go next with my goals: career and otherwise. I’m making lists of ideas to write about, so I won’t forget the topics […] Continue reading →

Holiday Expectations by Kim Blackham

Question: In the past, the holidays have proved to be a tense time in our house, especially with our untraditional schedule and extended family. What can we do to avoid arguments and disappointment this year? Answer: Holidays can be an especially hard time for couples, because each holiday inherently comes with its own expectations. One […] Continue reading →

Doctors Need Friends, Too

By Monica Swanson After years of medical school, residency, fellowships and getting a career up and running, many doctors find themselves existing with just the essentials. Hopefully they have kept their family intact through the process of becoming a doctor. But beyond that, the training required of a doctor can strip them of every “extra” in […] Continue reading →

Learn As We Go

By Shannon Smith Gonzalez When my husband started med school, on his first day of orientation, I attended a spouse/companion/family session where we were told most couples don’t make it through this experience. That was hard to take in. Not only was it wrong, but it hurt to hear, and it felt counter productive to […] Continue reading →

The Days I Love Most

By Elizabeth Stuelke Now, you all might have days like these: days where things just seem to go smoothly, there are no plans, there are things to get done that do, but there are no timeframes in which to complete them. No chasing the kids to the car to get to the gate of some […] Continue reading →